Frequently Asked Questions

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Our ads are absolutely free.

However, we provide several premium options which can enhance or augment your advertising campaign in addition to our free ads. 

Your ad appears in the category to which you posted it and is linked to specific location  to which you've decided it to be linked.

Search for your ads by using your URL or keywords. 

You can place unlimited amount of ads if url you are submitting is unique.  You can place up to two ads with the same url. You can purchase one of our premium services and make your ad every 30 minutes renewed and pushed to the top automatically or place it as a sponsor ad for a state/province or entire country. You can also highlight your ads.

Once in a while, when our site is busy with submissions, registrations, etc, you will receive this message.  Please try your submission again later.  If after several tries the problem persists, please contact us and let us know.  We'll have a look at it from this end.